Elite Singles Reviews- Is It The Best Dating Site For Professional?

In this elite singles review, We discuss how to find your love on EliteSingles. 13 million peoples trust Elite Singles for a serious relationship. Is it worth paying the cost of membership?

Having trouble finding high-quality matches on online dating platforms like match.com and Zoosk? Well, these days, a platform popularly known as EliteSingles does help you find serious relationship seekers. 

EliteSingles is a platform that owns around 80% of the people that are well educated and does have college degrees. The company also prides in there personality test feature that undoubtedly helps you find high-quality matches quickly and effortlessly. It’s uniquely designed user-friendly platform gives a hassle-free experience to every user.

Elite singles review – Best Dating site for professional

So, here we’re with EliteSingles review, where we break down all the critical features and downsides of the platforms.

What is EliteSingles?

Founded in 2013, EliteSingles is another popular online dating platform widely used by single men, women as well as couples. Now the company claims that the majority of the EliteSingles members are between the age of 30 and 55.

The site is the US leading dating service for educated singles and looking for a serious relationship. The EliteSingles has more than 65000 new members joining every week. The company claims that the average of 2000 new couples is matched on EliteSingles in more than 20 countries.

As the site has more than 80% having a university degree, the chances of getting frauds and other rubbish is less. So, if you’re looking for a more intellectual individual, then this one is perfect.



  • The EliteSingles is easy to use, simple and has quite straightforward user-interface. This online dating platform makes online dating simple, fun, and gives a hassle-free experience.
  • Privacy Matters the most for EliteSingles. Since the release, there is no data breach information about the EliteSingles. They are pretty much aggressive with privacy and verification policies. All the profiles are carefully reviewed by the platform. 
  • Huge Fan Base in a short span of time is what makes EliteSingles the best online dating platform. It has more than 165,000 members every month. 
  • EliteSingles offers the best quality matches. You can even signup with a free membership to view singles profile; however, the free membership has limited offerings.

Salient Features of EliteSingles

Here is the EliteSingles website feature that ultimately helps you get faster match-finding experience. Following are the unique features offered by EliteSingles:-

i) Personality Analysis

The member’s profile of EliteSingles contains a lot of information. The personality analysis basically tells the compatibility between two members. It gives you information about the Conscientiousness, Agreeableness, Openness, Extraversion as well as Neuroticism.

It protects your privacy by not disclosing the correct answer for a query.

ii) Advanced Search

The advanced search helps you filter your match recommendations accordingly. Your recommendations differ like age, height, location, desires, and more.

iii) Have You Met

The Have You Met feature offers you the list of profiles that you missed while checking your match recommendations. This particular feature helps you thoroughly find the match quickly and effortlessly.

iv) Hotlist

The hotlist or feature list of the site allows you too easily remember and list those profiles that have a good impression on your profile. Moreover, you can add these people to your favorites by visiting their profile. In case you want to remove these favorite profiles, you can remove them anytime by removing the star icon out.

v) Wildcard Matches

The next special feature is only available for paid members. This feature gives 20 new matches each day.

vi) Magazines

EliteSingles provides you a blog-like magazine that gives you read insights and offers tips from the dating experts. It’s not that common online dating platform.

How EliteSingles matchmaking and search function works?

Well, EliteSingles matchmaking brings highly suited matches that are primarily based on the results of the 5-factor personality test. The personality test basically identifies all the critical personality features, along with the chances of long-term compatibility with other members. 

Additionally, the personality test asks you how important this feature is in your future partner. As soon as the site finds demographic and personality features, they quickly suggest both the members to one another. Moreover, the paid members can browse additional profiles with a feature called ‘Have you Met,’ which introduces members who might not appear in regular daily matches.

Difference between EliteSingles App & Website

So, if you’re using the service for the first time, then you should stick to the desktop as it is a more hand-held experience then a mobile app. The desktop version of the EliteSingles explains how to get the best out of the site. It also gives tips on how to start a conversation with anyone and more. While on the other app lacks here as it does not offer these services.

Now, the app is a much more convenient alternative for using the desktop for the long-term. The app gives you the freedom to manage your profile while on the go, and you can even communicate with your matches directly with the app messenger.

How much does elite singles cost per month?

Well, EliteSingles lets you do sign up, posting a photo, and creating a profile for absolutely free of cost. However, if you want to see other member’s photos, do message, and more than you have to become a premium member. 

The EliteSingles offers three main paid membership packages, the Light, Classic as well as Comfort. So, let’s find out what it offers and how much it costs. 

i) Light Package

  • 6 Months Premium Membership
  • Unlimited Communication
  • Intelligent Matchmaking

This will cost you around $32.95 per month.

ii) Classic Package

  • 3 Months Premium Membership
  • Unlimited Communication
  • Intelligent Matchmaking
  • View Photos of all Members 
  • Profile Visitors
  • Read receipts for messages

The Classic premium subscription costs you around $34.95 per month.

iii) Comfort Package

  • 12 Months Premium Membership
  • Unlimited Communication
  • Intelligent Matchmaking
  • View all members photos 
  • Profile Visitors
  • Read Receipts for messages.

The comfort package of this premium subscription costs you $22.95 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q.1. What is the purpose of personality tests in EliteSingles?

A.1. A personality test is a unique feature that examines your communication skills, your personality, as well as your attitude. 

Whatever your answers are, the EliteSingles will find the match accordingly.

Q.2. Can I change my email address?

A.2. Well, changing the email address of the EliteSingles account is quite an easy task. All you have to do is go to the ‘My Account’ and select the ‘Email’ option. Confirm your email address and save it.

Q.3. Can I delete my EliteSingles account whenever I want to?

A.3. Yes! However, if you permanently delete your account your messages, and matches will also get deleted. Just in case you’ve subscribed to premium membership, you need to cancel your subscription before deleting the account.

To delete an account, you need to go to the menu and select ‘Account’ and tap on ‘Delete Account.’

Q.4. Where can I find my EliteSingles matches?

A.4. You can find your matches on the Matches Page. Open ‘Match List,’ where you can see the list of all matched members.

Q.5. Does EliteSingles save data?

A.5. Yes! Once you become EliteSingles member, your data such as photos, profile entries and cookie data like password will be stored on the EliteSingles server. However, if you delete the account permanently, your data will be automatically deleted.

Q.6. What’s the purpose of the ‘Have You Met’ feature?

A.6. The matched recommendations of the EliteSingles can be examined with ‘Have You Met.’ Basically, it is like a swiping feature that other dating platforms have. The only difference is if you like anyone clicks wink icon and if you don’t like anyone tap on the X icon.

The Conclusion

EliteSingles is undoubtedly one of the perfect best online dating websites that focus on people with a serious relationship, not for casual hookups. As the site interface is quite straightforward and handy; therefore, anyone can navigate the site effortlessly. The only downside of the platform is the signup-process takes time as you have to fill a lot of stuff about yourself and give a test.

Overall, this online dating platform is just amazing to use, and as soon as you subscribe to the premium subscription, you start getting the matches. The free version doesn’t really do much; all you can do is watch out the matches and messages. The user’s pictures are blurred, and there are only limited messages.

Do you ever use EliteSingles?

Share your experience if you have ever use EliteSingles, and if you do, then do enlighten what you like the most about it. 

For any queries or suggestions, comment below.

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