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Millions of singles prefer for finding their first date. Why? Let’s find out in this eHarmony review. Our 2 million people trust eHarmony for dating. Here is why?

Finding the perfect soul mate is quite difficult nowadays. However, the online dating platform does help you in getting a long-lasting relation. Yet again, most of the online dating platform doesn’t really work if you’re seriously looking for a relationship and friendship.

eHarmony Reviews & Rating

Here comes eHarmony, an online dating platform that is quite reliable and trusted. It is one of the most popular and well-reputed online dating platforms, and if you’re looking for a serious relationship and marriage, then this one is just more then perfect.

eHarmony is one of the top players in the online dating platform for quite a long time. So, let’s quickly get dive into it and find what are the services offered by eHarmony and how it becomes a number online dating platform.


What is eHarmony?

Founded on August 22, 2000, eHarmony is one of the best and most popular online dating platform. eHarmony was founded by Neil Clark Warren, who is a conical psychologist. Since the launch, eHarmony quickly becomes the number one dating site with high-end gathering.

Does eharmony work

The company claims that it is responsible for 550 marriages per day in the US. They helped people to find the soul mate, especially if anyone looking for a long-term relationship or marriage. Now, when it comes to safety and security, eHarmony is undoubtedly doing the best in the business.



  • eHarmony is easy to use as it has an exceptionally well user-friendly interface and approach.
  • Safety is one of the key factors why this online dating platform is quite popular. The site is designed to prevent problematic users and to get fraud and scam.
  • The eHarmony free weekend is one of the great ways to do check out full site without buying a membership. This is a short-period membership in which you get full access to the site.
  • eHarmony has more than 4 million active monthly visitors and is one of the most active dating platforms available in the market. The majority of the visitors currently active on eHarmony are looking for a serious relationship.
  • eHarmony is now an international presence and you can get connections from other countries. eHarmony claims that they provide users with the same incredible experience of US dating sites.

Salient Features of eHarmony

Here are some of the best features offered by the eHarmony dating site.

i) Personality Profile – The best feature of eHarmony is the Personality Profile. By using this feature, one can bring out the best and most compatible matches.

ii) Compatibility Matching System – This is one of the most common features in all the online dating platform. The eHarmony powerful algorithm helps you find the best compatible user.

The platform offers you to find the members that are looking for a long-term relationship.

iii) SecureCall – This feature is for safety and anonymity offered to every user. Using eHarmony Safe Call can help you talk on phones with other members, but without having to reveal your phone number.

iv) Blogs – A lot of you have questions about how eHarmony blogs help them. Well, you can check out their blog to get dating advice. It is designed for those who want advice and create a compelling profile, to date suggestions, and to communicate. The platform is useful for every eHarmony user.

eHarmony App

eHarmony offers one of the best user experience with the app. The app is free to use and has over 5 million downloads. The user-friendly interface lets you navigate each section of the application effortlessly. 

Now, just in case you don’t want to download the eHarmony app, then you can simply use the mobile version of the eHarmony site. It is as convenient and straightforward to use. The site gives you the experience of everything, except one. A feature called ‘Book of You’ personality profile can only be used on the eHarmony app. However, eHarmony updates this feature so that members can access their profiles via mobile.

Matching Model Used by eHarmony.

One of the real standout features and matching models of this particular online dating platform is the compatibility quiz. It comes in six different sections and is uniquely designed to help find the best match.

eHarmony uses the actual procedure of not just likes and dislikes, but it matches potential people who made for you and with whom you have the highest chances of a meaningful connection. eHarmony uses the direct impact of the traits and your partner’s traits of feeling. This will ultimately figure out what kind of personality you should be with.

Each site has its matching model based on its algorithms. We review the matching model of different dating sites. Here are the review of the Zoosk dating and OkCupid dating matching model.

Design & Versatility

 The site has an extremely user-friendly interface and offers users a hassle-free experience. The site has a minimalistic design and arranges your match list in a grid view. It shows the city, their name, age as well as a blurred profile picture.

Now, when it comes to easy access and navigation, eHarmony offers excellent design. The neat-and-well organized theme let’s easily navigate through each section of the site. Just in case you’re new to the eHarmony platform, you quickly get used to its tabs and options. 

If you are not subscribed to the paid membership, then eHarmony will keep on showing you those annoying ad banners. However, the site didn’t advertise any other form of advertisement.

What is the Quality of Profile offered by eHarmony?

eHarmony is a platform that focuses on making quality matches. The company takes pride in making sure that all the people who are new to the platform have to answer the registered questions. Your profile has an attractive ‘About Me’ section with preference information and the level of compatibility every visitor should have.

Now, if you see other member’s profile, you’ll see that the majority of the profile is filled with chatty information. Moreover, you can find the detailed percentage of how much your matches values and fit in your compatible tab. The platform prepared the Q&A session where you can get to know your match better. 

Note- As soon as you answer all the questions, you can now see what your match has answered. This process basically helps you to find whether you both agree on a particular thing or not.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q.1. Do eHarmony only for serious relationships?

A.1. Yes! eHarmony undoubtedly designed to find the perfect soul mate for singles. It is for those who are looking for a long term relationship, not for time pass.

eHarmony is not a casual online dating platform for only seeking short term relationships or sexual encounters. We like eHarmony dating service, and that is why we include eHarmony in the list of top dating sites of 2020.

Q.2. Can I repost any report users?

A.2. Yes! You can report any user who is misbehaving or offending you. 

To block or report a profile follow the steps:-

Go to the Profile by clicking on the ellipsis located at the lower part of their image and select ‘Report the Match.’

This will Block and Report the person from your profile. 

Q.3. Is eHarmony safe and secure to use?

A.3. eHarmony is the site that is committed to safety and security. As a well-reputed firm manages it, therefore they don’t compromise with users’ safety and security. They have a verification process that helps prevent any fraud.

Q.4. Does eHarmony give options to hide matches?

A.4. Yes! It’s possible to hide a match on eHarmony. Now to do that, tap on the trim-icon on your match’s profile and select the ‘’Hide this Match’ option.

Q.5. Do eHarmony allows seeing what matches see in my profile?

A.5. Well, you can see how your matches see your profile on eHarmony. To see what they have a look for in your profile, go to ‘My Profile’ and click on the ‘Preview My Profile.’ Here, you can see what your matches see in your profile.

Q.6. Does eHarmony have the app?

A.6. Yes! eHarmony App is easy to use and has all the features as desktop versions have. With the app, you can do a survey, matching, messaging, and manage your profile accordingly. 

The app is available for both Android as well as an iOS platform. 


So, if you’re looking for a serious relationship and want to join a genuine online dating platform, then you must give a shot to eHarmony. It is a stellar dating platform that helps two interested people in finding true love and getting married.

Since eHarmony is not older than OKCupid; however, if you’re looking for a real soul mate, then eHarmony is best. It helps singles to forge a long-lasting connection online. The features, design as well as the quality of profile eHarmony is just amazing.

Do you use eHarmony?

Share your experience if you have ever used eHarmony or any other online dating platform. Also, tell us what you like the most in the eHarmony platform and why. 

For any queries or suggestions, comment below.


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